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Founded in 2020 by Jeff Price, the industry innovator behind TuneCore and Audiam, WordCollections is a new global administration system with best-in-class tech. We remove intermediaries, circumvent black boxes, reduce admin fees and pay songwriters, publishers and authors more money, faster. Our team is a unique and dedicated staff of music leaders, engineers and copyright experts with a passion for, and track record of, protecting and advocating for creators.

The Legacy System

The legacy global administration system is fundamentally broken. Billions of dollars in royalties earned by songwriters and authors never make it into their pockets – sometimes due to inefficiencies, sometimes by design – with few advocating on their behalf.

These royalties travel through layers and layers of middlemen, each taking a cut, before the remaining unpaid billions in “black box” royalties are paid to others.

Word Collections fixes the system and breaks the cycle.

Who We Work For


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How we made a better system

We cut out middlemen

We direct license to, and collect directly from, digital services and collection agencies. We communicate the right information about your songs while removing the intermediaries who take cuts of your money.

We find all the sound recordings

You can’t get paid for a recording of your song if you don’t know the recording exists or if the data is missing.

We use proprietary technology, and our dedicated music experts to find all original, live and cover versions of your songs, along with the needed data to get you paid.

It's an art and a science that nobody else in the industry provides.

We make sure you get paid

With complete and accurate information for each of your songs and recordings, we use our state-of-the-art technology and dedicated administration team to ensure that the right percentage, royalty rate, and stream counts are calculated and paid.

If there are discrepancies, missing payments or other issues, we correct them and recover your money.

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